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Wosbab Energy was incorporated on the 25th January 2009 and has since experienced significant growth as it partners with stakeholders and consumers to deliver a distinguished value.

At Wosbab Energy, we understand the important role that energy plays in our lives and work. That is why we focus on providing sustainable power solutions across a broad spectrum. From organic fuels to renewable energy we make it our business to provide energy solutions that support you in achieving your business and personal goals.
Wosbab Energy is a major player in the oil and gas downstream Industry; with a dynamic team of experienced professionals, who have been delivering differentiated value to our subscribers.
Our core businesses include the importation, storage, distribution, trading and retailing of oil products as well as interests in renewable energy sources. We bring simplicity and reliability to a seemingly complex and demanding environment, where we brand a name that delivers energy solution and products that meet the highest quality and safety requirements.

Wosbab energy is also dedicated to indigenous content development with strong relationships and partnerships with established global players in the energy industry. Our thinking is future proof, with a focus on renewable energy we are fostering the changes in our society required to reduce carbon footprint and evolve towards sustainable energy ecosystem. The new generation will do amazing things with power; we at Wosbab Energy will energize this new generation and movement.


To become the leading provider of clean & sustainable energy solutions to power the new wave of development in Africa.


To become the leading provicer of sustaina ale energy solutions and resources in Africa.